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GV YOUTH is for all 6th through 12th grade students.
We are a group of leaders and student committed to the call of Jesus
and inviting people into that call.  

when do we meet


Sundays 11am and 2pm

Wednesdays  7pm

Join us upstairs for worship and then come downstairs to the youth room for some great discussion and of course, good food.
Come for food, fun, and connection. We often play a game, have student lead worship, here a message and then discuss
how that impacts our lives.

current happenings.....

Paul met Timothy when Timothy was very young. Immediately Paul saw his potential, and spent years investing in Timothy’s gifts, training him as a leader, and releasing him into meaningful ministry. Project Timothy’s goal is to inspire, motivate, train, and release a group of young leaders in the Vineyard!
WHO: Teen leaders (14-17 yrs old) who show leadership potential, and can commit to serving for at least 1 year at their youth group, their church, or their community in a leadership capacity
WHEN & WHERE: June 7-11 in Grand Junction, CO
COST: $250 per student 

Parent partners

Youth ministry works best when parents and pastors partner together to support teens in the their faith and their life. To get involved, ask a question or support our ministry, fill our the form below.

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