For your kids!

What is Vineyard Kids?

Imagine a colorful, creative space where kids can grow in friendships with God and others; a space that says, “This is a fun place for kids!” That’s Vineyard Kids!

What are we about?

Our mission is to lead kids into a friendship with Jesus that will grow their whole lives long. Our goal is to create fun, exciting environments in which each child can experience God’s love and power.

Try us on Sundays

Vineyard Kids meets on Sunday mornings:

  • Infants and Toddlers begin to learn about the truth of God’s love for them through sensory activities. Sundays at 10am.
  • 4 year olds–4th graders get to enjoy both small group and large group times. In small groups, every kid has a place to belong, a place to be heard and a place to meet new friends. In large groups, kids enjoy energetic worship, dramatic storytelling and exciting multi-media. Sundays at 10am.

What makes Vineyard Kids so much fun?

A colorful, creative environment, activities appropriate for their age and friendly volunteers welcome kids to a special place designed for them. All volunteers go through a screening process that includes applications, interviews and background checks. Fill out an APPLICATION.

New Families:

We want you and your kids to have a safe, seamless experience with us each week. In the main auditorium, go to the New Family Registration Area at the Info Counter to receive a unique nametag for each child so we can contact you during the service in the event your child needs you. You’ll receive a matching claim ticket that you must present when you pick your child up.

We know it can feel strange to leave your children with others. For your peace of mind and for the safety of all the kids and volunteers, each of our volunteers submits to a thorough background check before joining our team. We also ensure the toys and games are safe, sanitized and age appropriate.

To help save time upon your arrival, please fill out the NEW FAMILY form.

For more information about Vineyard Kids, contact our Kid’s Ministry Director.