Rhythms - Time with God

There are four primary ways that we can guarantee that our time spent alone with God is meaningful.  Each of these practices opens up a new dimension of our relationship.

Be Present

Our encounter with the Spirit of God starts with our eagerness to meet. We must be intentional about finding a time and a place where the distractions are minimized.  This makes us ready to experience his presence.

Even more important than our physical presence is our mental presence.  Time allocated for devotions can easily be consumed going through pointless activities that do not result in any meaningful connection with Jesus.  Be present mentally is essential to encountering him.

Pause and let the cares of today diminish.  Focus on his unfailing love and you invite his presence.  As distractions come lay them down and choose to think about the love that he has shown you.

Be Thankful

Gratitude is the cornerstone of our relationship with God.  He has already done so much for us.  The depth of our gratitude is the truest measure of our connection with God.  Thanking him is a natural expression of how much we understand.  If we do not feel much gratitude then it means that we have not experience much of his love.

The more we know that we are loved, then the more we express joy and thanksgiving to God.  This results in us gaining more understanding.   It produces a positive cycle of encouragement and thankfulness that can carry us through the darkest experiences.  Gratitude is the natural expression of our understanding of God.

Be Honest

Honesty is the natural expression of our understanding of ourselves.  When we see God for who he is, we see ourselves in a new light. We see  the messed up and broken areas and feel anger, sadness, fear, and shame. We must be honest with ourselves and God about these issues, if we ever hope to be healed.

Inviting God into our pain is a very simple process that is very hard to do.  We simply choose to relive those experiences with God walking us through it.  Spend the time to look at the darkness and feel its impact.  Then invite God to shed his light and truth on the painful memories.  This is the process of renewing your mind.  Sadly few believer actually do this on a regular basis.  Instead we try to numb the pain so that we can forget it as quickly as possible.

Be Aware

God is speaking to us constantly either directly or through circumstances.  Our time alone with God is when we should be learning to recognize his voice more clearly.  Just as being present leads to thankfulness which leads to honesty, we will automatically be led into a time of awareness of Jesus and his agenda for us.

Be quiet and listen for the still small voice of our savior. Breathe in his presence and express your desire to follow him. Be quiet and listen.  Be ready to say “yes”. Ask that you would experience more of his love for you and that you would be used in his plan to love others. Be quiet and listen. Ask if there are any changes that are needed in your life. Be quiet and listen. Be ready to say “yes”.

Having quality time with God will certainly change your entire life.